Post Purchase Option

First Homes provides a post purchase home maintenance education program for homeowners who have purchased a home through the Community Land Trust (CLT) Program. This program is free to you as a CLT homeowner.

The program consists of a professional Inspector / Trainer completing on-site maintenance training for you as the homeowner. Training content is geared to your home and your abilities as it is reviewed with you by the inspector. The training will address basic seasonal maintenance of your home and review a checklist of items per area. The Inspector will provide a copy of the Seasonal Maintenance Checklist. The inspector will also answer any questions you might have. Process takes approximately 1½ - 2 hours.

The enclosed Preventative Maintenance Certificate is good for one (1) free maintenance training session from one (1) of the inspectors listed on the certificate. You will need to:

  • Contact one (1) of the Inspectors to arrange a date and time they can come to your home.
  • The Certificate must be presented to the inspector when he arrives at your home.
  • You and the Inspector sign and date the Certificate after the training session is completed.
  • The Inspector will keep the Certificate and return to First Homes.
  • You will receive a copy of the Maintenance Checklist that the Inspector reviewed.

We hope you will take advantage of this educational experience because taking time for preventive maintenance allows homeowners to plan ahead, save time and money and most of all become better homeowners and neighbors. Preventive maintenance will also extend the useful life of your home's systems and equipment and by routinely inspecting the house, little problems can be fixed before they get to be big expensive problems.

If you have any questions contact Afton Zelinski at  507-287-7117 or