To sell your First Homes Community Land Trust home, you are responsible for setting up an appointment and paying for a Fee Simple UAD-Compliant Appraisal on your home to set the price for the next buyer.

Listed below are the preferred appraisers in the Rochester area that have completed appraisals on First Homes' homes in the past. Inform the appraiser you need a Fee Simple UAD-Compliant Appraisal.

Once the appraisal is completed, please have the appraiser forward a copy to First Homes by email to:

Once we receive the appraisal, we will meet to review the re-sale process to list it on MLS. If you or the appraiser have any questions, feel free to contact our office at 507-287-7117.

Northstar Realty Services
Brian Becker

Real Property Appraisals
Brandon Kolpek

Rochester Area Appraisals
Mike Kielty

Todd Pruismann Appraisals
Todd Pruismann

Shelly Schad Appraisal Service
Shelly Schad